15 Tips from BloggyCon

I recently had the opportunity to attend my very first blogger conference. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I am not a “mommy blogger” nor do I sell stuff through my blog. Nonetheless I signed up, and off I went to Sandusky, Ohio for my first BloggyCon.

Below I wanted to share some of the best takeaways for me. These are things I hope to continue doing, start doing, or do better in the future.

  1. Podcasts – keep them between 10 and 15 minutes.
  2. Present yourself – what is your story? Everyone has a story. Be real and share your story.
  3. Take the time to work on content and schedule it, then it frees up time for other things and helps remove the guilt about not posting regularly.
  4. Perfection is the enemy of production – sometimes you just have to jump into the deep end and go with it.
  5. Don’t be afraid to go back to old blog poststhat are performing well and re-purpose them into additional or follow-ups posts, podcasts, webinars, etc.
  6. The ideal  blog post should take 7 minutes or less to read and be 500-750 words with pictures.
  7. Solve a problem for your audience. If you have a talent or skill make a video and share it. “How to” videos on YouTube are tremendously popular.
  8. Use the YouTube thumbnails when posting a video.
  9. Do not spend more than 15 to 30 minutes editing a video. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.
  10. You don’t have to have expensive equipment to produce a good product.
  11. Facebook Live videos are being prioritized over other content… Be there.
  12. Go live for 10-15 minutes on Facebook Live.
  13. Use good keywords and do not ever include a hashtag in a Pinterest post.
  14. Blog post titles should be around 60 characters
  15. Take advantage of internal linking. Go back through old posts and link in newer stuff (and vice versa) that you have written that relates to it.

This conference focused a lot on monetizing your blog, which is something I cannot do at this point. However, I learned a lot at BloggyCon and need to spend a day or two going through my social networks making various changes. I also met some great ladies that I look forward to keeping in touch with, and will perhaps see again someday. And to top it off, the location for this conference was fantastic.

Have you ever attended a blogging or social media conference? If so, which one was it?

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Christmas in the Country

This year (well December 2015) when it was announced it was time for sign ups for the annual Christmas in the Country, I was hesitant. Last year was my first year to participate and I loved it… But this year I was changing careers and we were moving 1,600 miles from Nebraska to Nevada. So what did I do? I signed up to participate another year! This is a great event for ag bloggers, and has been an excellent way to meet others with similar interests.

This year I received Lara at My Other More Exciting Self. Lara is always posting excellent turkey recipes, delicious looking baking projects, and pictures of her family and Earl the Pug (I mean technically he is family too, right?). I was a complete slacker and didn’t get any pictures of what I sent Lara… Luckily she documented it well and wrote about it in her Christmas in the Country reveal post. I had fun making and thinking about things that Lara and her family would enjoy.

My surprise Santa was Taysha at Dirt Road Charm. I met Taysha a couple of years ago at an AgChat Conference, and give credit to her and her co-presenters on me taking up a more active role on Instagram. Taysha included a handwritten note in the box and told me that her local hardware store has a craft/gift section where local people from the community can sell handmade goods. How fun is that?! They were all made with love in Edon, Ohio.Christmas in Country 1

My box had a pair of mittens, which were upcycled from old sweaters by a stay-at-home mom. They are so warm and soft, perfect for the cold winter we have been having. There was a faucet knob picture holder made by a local farmer that is so clever and cute, and is already up in my new office! A burlap wine bottle sack that says “Cheers” made by the hardware owner. I may have to keep this thing for myself πŸ™‚ And last, but not least, there was a great grain sack bag (aka purse) in there. On this gift Taysha’s letter made me laugh as she says “No idea, but I’m sure someone made it (right?)”. Haha yes, someone did make it, and it is very cute and roomy. I had to keep an eye on my Mom as she was eyeballing this for herself over Christmas. I think Taysha did an excellent job with the gifts, and they will all be well used. I encourage you to check out what Taysha received in the Christmas in the County exchange and to read her hilarious posts on motherhood.

A huge shoutout to the ladies who pulled off the 2015 Christmas in the Country. I know it cannot be easy, and I certainly appreciate the reminders of deadlines. Β Check out their blogs: Jamie – This Uncharted Rhoade, Laurie – Country Linked, Kirby – 15009 Farmhouse, and Lara – My Other More Exciting Self. If you are interested in seeing what all of the bloggers who participated received, and their posts about it, head over to the lineup on This Uncharted Rhoade.


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Happy 2nd Blogaversary to me!

On Sunday my blog and social media presence celebrated its 2nd anniversary! While that may not seem like much, it is. As many of you reading this know, being active on social media is not for everyone. So today I high-five myself for making it through two years!

Blog fun facts—————————————

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New Year = New look for my blog!

Happy New Year!

I do change well. I accepted many years ago that change happens whether we want it to or not and whether we are ready for it or not. So now I embrace it, and actually enjoy it.

So to celebrate the New Year, I have changed:

– my header to include pictures that represent me and what I do,

– the background (yes, I like color!),

– expanded the about me page and added a contact me page,

– cleaned up the sidebar of my blog.

What do you think? Blogging is still fairly new to me, so any suggestions are appreciated.

I hope your new year is full of health, wealth, and happiness!

The top 10 of 2014…

I have completed my first full year of blogging! While I was not the most diligent blogger, I learned a lot, met some great people, and had some great conversations. My social media goals and expectations were exceeded! Many thanks to you, my readers for your interest. I have new ideas for blog posts and delivery methods in 2015, so stay tuned!

My top 10 blog posts of the year are as follows:

10. Jello, lipstick, and marshmallows – oh my! – learn more about the animal byproducts in the things we use daily!

9. Cold temps cause frozen ears – cute baby calf picture warning, and a useful product too!

8. Toothless Grins…Fun Fact Friday – because who doesn’t want to know random information about animals?!

7. Gluten Free Myths – a guest blog by my friend Dawn Earnesty, MS, RDN.

6. Caring for Livestock in Cold Temperatures – livestock receive the best care they can, even when temperatures plummet.

5. Organic and Natural Programs – part of the meat labeling series on why these terms are not interchangeable.

4. No added hormones and no antibiotics – part of the meat labeling series to help clear up confusion.

3. Growing up a Rich Rancher’s Kid – a fun post for me to write about perception of wealth.

2. Grain-fed and Grass-fed – part of a series on meat labeling terms, and better understanding what they really mean.

1. Dumping Discover – where I explain why I will be finding a new credit card company.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy New Year. May it be full of health, wealth, and happiness! Cheers.


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