Jello, lipstick, and marshmallows – oh my!

Crazy weather across the country has me thinking about making a stop by the grocery store on the way home and getting a few essentials in case we get snowed in… And s’mors seem like a great weekend snow/comfort food! And s’mores are great because you can make them in the microwave, and you can watch the marshmallow get big and puffy…

Mmmm s’mores!

Marshmallows are obviously an essential ingredient of s’mores. Fun fact: did you know that marshmallows are a byproduct of cattle?! Yes, you read that right. Marshmallows, ice cream, canned meats, candies, and jello all contain gelatin – which is a beef byproduct! Additionally, from animal fat we can get such products as cosmetics, shaving cream, candles, and detergents! Bio-fuels, methane, pet food, paints, rubber, and so much more also come from beef byproducts!

A few examples of inedible beef byproducts.

If this shocks you or disgusts you, I challenge you to consult this list or this list, and decide where in your daily life of transportation, health and medicine, personal care, or entertainment you could cut something out?! I bet it would be very challenging.

While we typically think of meat as the only product from cattle, there are many, many more things can come from a beef animal. The beef industry wastes very little of an animal. I encourage you to find out more about rendering from National Renderers Association website (there is a great video that explains the rendering industry). Rendering reduces waste and public health concerns – it is sustainable and environmentally friendly!

I hope you continue to enjoy your beef byproducts, I know I will!



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