The top 10 of 2014…

I have completed my first full year of blogging! While I was not the most diligent blogger, I learned a lot, met some great people, and had some great conversations. My social media goals and expectations were exceeded! Many thanks to you, my readers for your interest. I have new ideas for blog posts and delivery methods in 2015, so stay tuned!

My top 10 blog posts of the year are as follows:

10. Jello, lipstick, and marshmallows – oh my! – learn more about the animal byproducts in the things we use daily!

9. Cold temps cause frozen ears – cute baby calf picture warning, and a useful product too!

8. Toothless Grins…Fun Fact Friday – because who doesn’t want to know random information about animals?!

7. Gluten Free Myths – a guest blog by my friend Dawn Earnesty, MS, RDN.

6. Caring for Livestock in Cold Temperatures – livestock receive the best care they can, even when temperatures plummet.

5. Organic and Natural Programs – part of the meat labeling series on why these terms are not interchangeable.

4. No added hormones and no antibiotics – part of the meat labeling series to help clear up confusion.

3. Growing up a Rich Rancher’s Kid – a fun post for me to write about perception of wealth.

2. Grain-fed and Grass-fed – part of a series on meat labeling terms, and better understanding what they really mean.

1. Dumping Discover – where I explain why I will be finding a new credit card company.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy New Year. May it be full of health, wealth, and happiness! Cheers.


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Cold Weather Animal Care

A large majority of the U.S. and Canada are experiencing extremely cold temperatures as a polar vortex comes in from the north (will a repeat of the 2014 winter be in store?)

Weather map
Extremely cold temperatures hit most of the U.S. and Canada. Source:

While many of us can get chilled to the bone, find “normal” day-to-day activities to be a challenge, and complain about escalating heating bills, let’s not forget about those who care for livestock on these days. The folks who have chosen to be livestock farmers and ranchers as their livelihood seldomly get a day off and they certainly can’t skip a day of livestock care just because it is too cold.

I have blogged about care for animals in cold weather before, and I think it is good to highlight these two blog posts again.

Caring for Livestock in Cold Temperatures – highlights some of the ways livestock farmers and ranchers try to make their animals more comfortable via shelter options and feed.

Cold Temperatures Cause Frozen Ears – this can be a real problem for newborn baby animals. Warning: super cute calves wearing ear muffs are included!

What questions do you have about animal care in cold weather? What are you doing to make sure your animals are the most comfortable they can be?


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