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I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about livestock, food production, and/or anything in between.

I am also available for various speaking engagements, guest blog posts, or other outreach engagements as needed.

Contact me at:


2621 Northgate Lane, Suite 15   Carson City, NV 89706




I can also be found on:

Twitter: AgWithDrLindsay

Facebook: Agri-Cultural with Dr. Lindsay

Instagram: AgWithDrLindsay

Pinterest: Lindsay Chichester


4 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Dear Dr Lindsay, My wife and I have worked on dairies, and had a very small milking herd of Guernseys while the kids were growing, so we’re not naive. One question about Fair Oaks Farms worries me. Once they calve the cows are confined to barns, and milking parlor, for rest of life. Do they get to lay down in their stalls? I know laying down has problems, but not laying down doesn’t rub me right. thanks

    1. Hi Allan,
      Good question. From what I have seen at Fair Oaks and other dairies I have visited, the cows have sand stalls they lay in. They stand to move, eat, and be milked. But they prefer to lay/sleep in the sand as it is soft and keeps them clean. And interestingly enough they will get up from their sand beds to urinate and dedicate in a different spot because they don’t want to mess up where they sleep/lay. Them not being able to lay down would rub me wrong too. Thanks for asking.

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