Christmas in the Country gift exchange

citc14-1This was my first year to participate in the Christmas in the Country gift exchange. This was a secret Santa experience for ag bloggers and online agvocates. It was a lot of fun and I want to share my experience with you.

I received Val at Corn, Beans, Pigs and Kids. She is Wonder Woman – a mom, wife, farmer, volunteer, agvocate, blogger, woman of faith and community located in northern Iowa. And she is getting ready to have a third baby! I look forward to getting to know her more and following her adventures through her various social media platforms. I have to admit that I might have freaked Val out with my gift, as I checked her out online and sent personalized gifts for her whole family. Since Val and her husband raise pork, I found that she and I seem to be on the same page when it comes to bacon – we both love it. And Val had indicated that faith is important to her. I have made stacked crosses for several friends in the past, and I thought I would make one for Val too.

Hand-made Christmas ornaments… This one is for Val. I also made one with the initial’s of her husband and their kiddos and a generic one with a pig on it for Baby #3.
I tried to use my artistic talents as best as possible and make this specific to her blog title… Corn, Beans, Pigs and Kids.
My attempt at a pig πŸ™‚
I filled Val’s and her husband’s ornaments with Christmas “stuff” and the kiddos with hot chocolate mix. I figured they could eventually fill it with legos, corn, beans, or whatever they wanted!
Bacon…enough said. And in case Val needed ideas for more ways to use the delicious goodness, she got this recipe book. Yum!
Val indicated green was her favorite color, so I tried to pick hues of green for this stacked cross.
Off to the post office to ensure they received this before Christmas!

My hubs and I headed to Northern California for Christmas, but I was delighted to find my secret Santa gift waiting for me when I returned.

My gift box was put together by Kim at Kim’s County Line. Kim is a wife, mom, a young grandmother, farmer’s wife, photographer, and an amazing woman in south central Kansas. Kim sent me a great gift box of Kansas themed items! All of them were perfect. She sent food items: spiced tea mix, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, cinnamon apple butter, and Hudson Cream corn bread mix and country gravy mix – I am a huge fan of eating, so everything has been a hit! Kim also takes excellent photos, and she sent some blank cards with her photos on them! I know as I write thank you cards for Christmas gifts my family will love receiving these cards. Kim also included a wine stopper, a snowflake ornament, recipes, and a Kansas bookmark! Isn’t she great!?

A great letter from Kim explaining all of the gifts. After I mailed my package to Val I thought I should have included a note for her to open after opening the gifts so I could explain them a little more…next year I will do that!
My pile of booty from Kim – and all Kansas items too! She did a great job of finding things that are/were perfect for me and my interests!
Look at these notecards made with Kim’s pictures, I think they are awesome and that Kim is very talented. Kim does sell these, so if you would like a few for yourself, reach out to her.
Tonight the Hubs and I are having beans and ham hocks so we can try out the cornbread mix.
I have been enjoying the spiced tea (and the Hubs really likes it too). Kim sent a great cookie recipe I will have to try, but it seems as I will have to buy more chocolate covered sunflower seeds as the ones she sent have made for good snacks!

Prior to this exchange I was not familiar with Val or Kim, and I am glad that I have gotten to know two more wonderful ladies through Christmas in the Country. I encourage you to check them both out and see what they up to, as they are wonderful women who are living life to the fullest with their families and loves ones.

This was a wonderful experience, and I look forward to participating again next year!

Many thanks to Christmas in the Country hosts: Country LINKed, This Uncharted Rhoade,The Ranchwife Chronicles, and Diaries from the Dirt Road.

If you are interested in knowing more about this gift exchange, check out the original post on Country LINKed.


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14 thoughts on “Christmas in the Country gift exchange

  1. Lindsay,
    Looks like you did a great job sending Christmas cheer to Iowa. Handmade and personalized gifts are the best. The stacked cross is beautiful. You should do a blog post on that.

    I have gotten to know and be friends with Kim over the years and miles. She is pretty awesome!

    Glad you enjoyed participating in Christmas in the Country and we appreciate your support of this activity.

    1. Thanks! Next time I make another cross I will photograph it more and do a blog post (good idea). Glad I could be part of it, it was a lot of fun and I look forward to next year!

  2. Great job Lindsay! Love your creatavity and thoughtfulness. Val is indeed a wonder woman and Kim is so talented with her camera. All three of you are a treasure and I have enjoyed getting to know all of you! Thank you again for participating!

    1. Thanks Laurie, not sure if we get randomly selected or if you do it by hand, but either way I was blessed with both of these gals. Thanks for your efforts on this too!

      1. We do it randomly, with a little help here and there to make sure we have good matches. Everyone this year did such a fantastic job! Makes our jobs as co-hosts easy and a joy.

  3. Oh this was a fun exchange to be included in and meet new friends I do know Kim but am looking forward to checking out Val. That did not sound right but you know what I mean. The gifts coming and going were very thoughtful and I do like the note included. B

  4. Your gift was so creative – and the one you received looked pretty great too! I love how this connects us all with new bloggers, now the problem is just finding time to keep up with everyone! Thanks for participating in the exchange!

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