The faces of agriculture… National Ag Day

National Ag Day (and week) is a time to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture. In 2015 I wrote National Ag Week… 5 reasons to thank a consumer. In reading it over again today, I think it is still very relevant.

You may or may not personally know the people who grown and/or raise your food, so today I wanted to share some blog posts and introduce you to various agriculturalists.

Sustainable – More than meets the eye introduces you to three farming and ranching families who are practicing sustainability. They share with you what sustainability looks like for them and how it plays into the fact that these are multi-generational businesses.

Dr. Dee Griffin (cow vet) shares what agriculture means to him in Meet… Dr. Dee Griffin

Wondering what a sixth generation agriculturalist looks like? Trent Loos is a farmer/rancher as well as an advocate for agriculture. In Meet… Trent Loos, he shares what agriculture means to him.

I often share stuff that is happening on my family’s ranch and animal care is no exception. Just over two years ago the Pineapple Express Storm hit the west coast, in California ranchers bracing for Pineapple Express storm I shared what my parents and their neighbors were doing to prepare for this massive weather event. In Care of baby lambs in freezing temperatures, I share what we do to ensure the animals are comfortable and healthy.

As we all know, newborns are delicate and fragile, whether they are human or animal. Sometimes animals need a little extra help. A day in the life of a sheep rancher is a page from my Mom’s playbook and demonstrates how that care is administered, and how that may result in animals being taken to the house. My Mom was also featured in Bummer lamb to replacement ewe

At the end of the day ranchers and farmers are just regular people too. They celebrate life’s milestones and try to take vacations 🙂 In these posts, I introduce you to my Dad in Even ranchers have birthdays! and Shout out to my Dad.

I hope that some of these posts give you some insight and connection to the people growing and/or raising your food.

National Ag Day

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The Book of Life: Closing and Opening Chapters

T minus 14 days… Just 14 days until my last day in the office. It is official, I am leaving Nebraska Extension and have accepted a position with Nevada Extension. I left “home” when I was 19 years old to attend college in Oklahoma on a scholarship, and 18 years later I have the opportunity to return “home”. It has been bittersweet to wrap up one life, and make plans to start another.

I started my career with Nebraska Extension in January 2010, in Richardson County (Southeast Nebraska). This was my first “real” job after college, and I loved it. I was working for and with great people doing things I enjoyed, and no two days were the same (a huge perk for me).

Falls City, Nebraska
Falls City – Richardson County, Nebraska

In April 2013 I had the chance to move to Saunders County (Central Eastern Nebraska). In Saunders County I had the opportunity to hone my skills and put more of my degree to use by taking on a social media presence engaging with consumers about agriculture and food and working closely with an active Livestock Association. I am tremendously grateful for the opportunities I have had with Nebraska Extension, and for all of the wonderful people doing cutting edge and progressive programming. I will certainly miss many of my Husker friends.

57th Annual Saunders County Livestock Association Tour – Wyoming.

As much sadness as there is in leaving and saying goodbye, there is also excitement and opportunities that await. My new office will be less than an hour from my family ranch, and I will be much closer to the majority of my extended family. I will remain in Extension, but it will take on a new role, which is ok. I do well with change… I will also have the opportunity for tenure, which is exciting to me, especially as a terminal degree holder. My new colleagues-to-be have very warm and welcoming, and I have no doubts they will welcome me home with open arms.


There have been some tears shed, and undoubtedly there will be more before it is over. However, a great thing about Extension – it is like one big extended family across the country. There are conferences where I will continue to see my Nebraska Extension family.

People have asked if The Hubs is excited about this move, and the answer is yes! He is excited to have another part of the country to explore. His family is excited to come and visit, as they can experience Western Nevada and Northern California and all that the area has to offer.

I plan to continue Agricultural with Dr. Lindsay (AgWithDrLindsay) via all of my social media platforms. While I don’t know what it will look like yet, I hope you will follow along as one chapter closes and another opens in this book of my life.


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Thirty Days of Food with Prairie Californian: Leg-of-Lamb Marinade

Jenny at Prairie Californian always has the most amazing recipes complete with excellent food/drink photos. Additionally, she also writes frequently about farm life and the crops her and her husband grow in North Dakota. If you aren’t following her, you should be!

In Jenny’s 30 Days of Food series occurring right now (November) she is featuring an agricultural food product, showcasing the families that are growing/raising it. I am a big fan of lamb, as my family has raised it for generations. Learn more by visiting Leg of lamb marinade featuring Agricultural with Dr. Lindsay.



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The most influential man you may have never heard of…

Today is Norman Borlaug’s birthday, he was revolutionary in food production. If you are not familiar with his story, check out a blog post I wrote one year ago.

Agricultural with Dr. Lindsay

This week is National Agriculture week, and today (March 25) is National Ag Day! For those of us in agriculture, this is our week to geek out if you will. I believe agriculture is important enough to be celebrated daily, but since it is not, here are some fun facts for you…

The Agriculture Council of America (ACA) is responsible for conducting the National Ag Day annually as a day to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture. Both the ACA and National Ag Day were founded in 1973! There are four key values, they believe every American should:

– Understand how food and fiber products are produced.

– Appreciate the role agriculture plays in providing safe, abundant, and affordable products.

– Value the essential role of agriculture in maintaining a strong economy.

– Acknowledge and consider career opportunities in the agriculture, food, and fiber industry.

Heifers Heifers thinking…

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