Top 10 in 2015… Don’t miss these!


Well the 2015 “tops” countdowns have begun… Today I bring you the Top 10 most read blogposts from 2015 (insert drumroll here).  10. 10 things you may not about GMOs 9. Growing up a rich rancher’s kid 8. Poop Patty… … Continue reading

Care of baby lambs in freezing temperatures


Much of the U.S. has experienced some unusual and aggressive weather in the past week. At my family’s ranch we got about 5 inches of snow, followed by freezing temperatures. It has been a few years since temperatures have dipped … Continue reading

Meat vs Veggie – All iron is not created equal

Meat Mythcrushers

This past summer I had a chance to work with Janet Riley and Eric Mittenthal who produce the Meat Mythcrusher videos via the American Meat Institute and the American Meat Science Association. Watch below as we discuss the differences in … Continue reading

Hormone use in poultry: Myth!

Hormone use in poultry... (2)

USPoultry recently released a video explaining a common myth — poultry are raised with additional growth hormones. This is not true, especially since it is against the law!¬† Learn more about the poultry industry and what is contributing to larger … Continue reading

Thirty Days of Food with Prairie Californian: Leg-of-Lamb Marinade


Jenny at Prairie Californian always has the most amazing recipes complete with excellent food/drink photos. Additionally, she also writes frequently about farm life and the crops her and her husband grow in North Dakota. If you aren’t following her, you … Continue reading