Global meat consumption increases by 3%, decreases by 1% in the U.S.

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One of the daily publications I subscribe to is MeatingPlace. If you are interested in getting daily updates on meat industry happenings, then this publication is for you. Recently MeatingPlace reported about meat consumption trends, as released by Euromonitor International: … Continue reading

National Ag week… 5 reasons to thank a consumer

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This is National Ag Week, with March 18 being Ag Day, a day to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture. While I could spend the time today sharing with you how great I think agriculture is, and how … Continue reading

Meal Planning: 10 Tips from a beginner’s perspective

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A lot of things I have read recently about food waste have referenced that having a plan for food is a main component to reducing food waste. It is estimated that Americans are wasting about 40% of food grown for … Continue reading

Babies…Babies Everywhere — Wordless Wednesday

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Lots of babies being born at the Research and Extension Center where I work. Love this time of year! ——————– Dr. Lindsay can also be found on: – Website ( – Twitter/Instagram (agwithdrlindsay) – Facebook ( – Pinterest (Lindsay Chichester-Medahunsi)

McDonalds and Costco Make Headlines ; Farmers and Processors Make Safe Food

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Originally posted on NC Meat Mom:
McDonalds and Costco made headlines last week when they announced a campaign to eliminate the sale of food products treated with antibiotics.  While many consumers rejoiced, others questioned the need for such a proclamation.…

BOOSTing your online presence: Is it worth it?

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I have been wanting to boost/promote a post on my Facebook page and I finally did it. I don’t know why I waited so long (over a year), but I wanted to share my trial run with you. I recently … Continue reading

Butchers, are you talking to yours? 21 conversations you should be having (if you are not already)


Growing up around livestock and raising our own meat, it didn’t dawn on me until I was in college that not everyone has a good relationship with their butcher or meat processor. In Extension I get questions from individuals and … Continue reading