When “sustainable” becomes unsustainable… Feedback Friday

Cows under tree

This morning I saw the news article that Chipotle had announced they would now be sourcing all of their beef from Australia, instead of from Texas (or any other state that produces beef). I was confused and still am. So … Continue reading

What do Justin Bieber, Bill Clinton, and Ozzy Osbourne all have in Common?

Country Style Roast

Originally posted on Facts About Beef:
They all dropped meat from their diet, but went back after noticing changes in energy and health. A nutritious-diet is one of the most important factors in maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle. It…

Nebraska’s Advantage

nebraska advantage

Originally posted on JenREESources's Extension Blog:
This week, I’d like to share some information that came out in a white paper from the UNL Agricultural Economics Department on the special relationship we have here in Nebraska between crops, livestock,…

Cheap food: Have consumers been trained? – Feedback Friday


I commute, and most of my drive time is either spent pondering life’s happenings or listening to a book on cd. I recently have been thinking about things that I don’t have an answer to, there is no right or … Continue reading

Nothing humane about animal agriculture: Reblog


If you follow my blog you know I talk about animal care in extreme temperatures. If you are new, welcome, and check out posts posts here, here, and here. Today my friend Trent Loos, shares his thoughts on the humane … Continue reading

Do you know where your food comes from?…Take the quiz

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Recently on one of my social media platforms I was thanking farmers and ranchers for raising/growing our food in these cold and snowy conditions – because it is not easy. An non-agricultural person told me that we should only raise … Continue reading

Bummer Lamb to Replacement Ewe: Transformation Tuesday

replacement ewe - final

Sometimes for one reason or another a baby animal cannot be raised by its mother. When this happens the livestock farmer or rancher will try to put that lamb on another mother, but if that is not possible, that baby … Continue reading

Genetically Engineered (GE) Animals: Benefits to human health?


Several pieces of media have crossed my path on the genetic engineering (GE) of animals. I have a folder started with these types of things, but I thought I would just start making them available online for all of you … Continue reading