What I Wish People Knew About Pig Farming

This summer at the AgChat Conference I had a chance to meet Wanda, she is a pig farmer and blogs at Minnesota Farm Living. Take a moment to read more about pig farming, and how perceptions and preferences of pig farming may be different than the realities.


I wish people could experience the things pig farmer s experience, see the things pig farmers see and hear the things pig farmers hear.

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Men vs Women: Takeout food preferences…Fun Fact Friday

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GrubHub, a mobile food ordering service has indicated that there are gender differences in takeout orders which include day, time, location, and food type. MeatingPlace.com recently reported that GrubHub analyzed one year’s data of more than 30,000 restaurants in 700 … Continue reading



Several of my friends recently sent this blog post to me because I have blogged about a similar topic Growing up a rich rancher’s kid. Lindsay Mitchell, the author of this piece does a nice job of explaining and providing examples of where and how the money is spent.

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bag of moneyNot surprisingly, it’s one of our highest ranking search terms.  Apparently, tons of people want to know if farmers are rich.

And I think the answer is, no.  They are rich in all the things that matter, but are pretty middle class.  They just deal with a lot of money coming in AND a lot of money going out.  And all that money coming in looks like a lot if you don’t know the whole story.

So here it is … the whole story.  I hope you take the time to read through what sounds confusing and get to the summary at the bottom because it’s worth it!  Promise.


In order to grow a crop, farmers must buy things like seeds, equipment, chemicals and fertilizer (surely one of you has a bag of Miracle Gro around for the garden, right?).  And there are also the costs that you…

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Happy October…Wordless Wednesday

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I put the link of my blog into tagxedo.com and it generated this awesome little word cloud using commonly used words from my blog. Happy October to you! ——————————————– – Website (http://food.unl.edu/ag-and-food) – Twitter/Instagram (agwithdrlindsay) – Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/agwithdrlindsay) – Pinterest … Continue reading

Camaraderie in agriculture


The Saunders County Livestock Association’s Board of Directors recently went on a tour to each other’s farming operations. We were able to share joy through stories of family, generational friendships, centennial farms (farms that have been in one family for … Continue reading

Broth vs Stock – There is a difference!


I recently blogged about my crock-pot chicken, and how I froze the broth. A reader asked if I ever further boiled down the bones and fat. I have not done it for chicken, but as I researched it more, I … Continue reading