Processed Meats and Cancer: Fearmongering or True Concern?

Processed Meats and Cancer_ Understanding the Information-1 (2)

Bacon, the candy of the meat world, and other processed meats (i.e. ham, hotdog, sausage, salami, chorizo, deli meats, corned beef, jerky, canned meat) were recently categorized as Group 1 Carcinogens (carcinogenic to humans) by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) … Continue reading

Subway Announces That a Bullet Is Their Treatment Of Choice For Sick Animals…


Originally posted on Feed Yard Foodie:
Tuesday, Subway restaurants made the announcement that beginning in March 2016 it will serve chicken raised without antibiotics. Further, the company will source turkey, pork and beef in the same manner within a 10…

Podcast: Fecal matter in your hamburger

Poop patty

One of my colleagues, Jay Jenkins does a great job putting together podcasts for beef team members here at UNL based on articles they have written for the UNL BeefWatch. Jay and I recently chatted more about an article I … Continue reading

Meat and Agriculture on Lift Big Eat Big (LBEB)


I have followed Brandon at Lift Big Eat Big (LBEB) on Instagram for awhile now. His Instagram channel will delight foodies, agriculturalists, health and fitness buffs of all levels… well basically everyone! Brandon asked me to write up an article for … Continue reading

#nursesunite: An example for American agriculture? Food for thought Friday

nurses unite - final

Last week Miss Colorado represented her state in the Miss America pageant. Kelley Johnson performed a monologue on why she became a nurse and how a patient, Joe, told her she was more than JUST a nurse. The following day, … Continue reading

8 Minutes: How antibiotics are used on the farm

antibiotic - final

Dr. Brad Jones, a veterinarian with the University of Nebraska and Great Plains Veterinary Educational Center talks about the decision-making process regarding antibiotic use in cattle and pigs, including the diagnosis of illnesses, treatment and antibiotic use considerations, and how … Continue reading

Cows: What do cows involved in research look like?

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Recently, Karl, the cow/calf herd manager at the research station where I am based, asked if I wanted to go look at the calves. I jumped on the opportunity, as it had been a few months since I had seen … Continue reading

Stanford releases literature review of organic foods

is organic healthier

Originally posted on Agriculture Proud:
Earlier this week, a journal on Internal Medicine released a review from Stanford University which concluded that there are no significant health or safety benefits of choosing organic over conventionally grown foods. This is different…

Wildlife Safari Park… Wordless Wednesday


From our recent trip to the Wildlife Safari Park in Ashland, Nebraska.       ————– Dr. Lindsay can also be found on: – Website ( – Twitter/Instagram (agwithdrlindsay) – Facebook ( – Pinterest (Lindsay Chichester-Medahunsi)