Work, life, and everything in between: A photo update

Wow, where have the last six weeks gone? I had intended to do more posts, but couldn’t make the time. So today’s post will fill you in on all of the recent happenings.

I participated in Christmas in the Country gift exchange with other agricultural bloggers – it was a blast and I look forward to doing it again next (err this) year. I did blog about this, and it can be found in my feed.
My sister and I were able to get on the same flight west – good times.
A view of the river, notice the beaver trees?
My Mom’s sheep started lambing right before we came home, it was fun to see them play and run.
My Dad and I went coyote hunting (they are a major predator for sheep, goats, and baby calves). One morning all we called in were these curious heifers.
My sister and I started a little genealogy project for my Dad. We didn’t quite solve the puzzle, but when we finish gathering all of the details I will do a blog post on what we found.
advent calendar - final
Many years ago my Grandmother made an Advent calendar for her mother (my Great-Grandma) and my Mom. My Mom uses hers annually, and I now have the one my Great-Grandma had, but it has seen better days and left my sister with out one. So I decided to make one for my sister… and loved it so much I am making one for myself too. It was fun to customize the ornaments to fit them and their interests, and some of the ornaments came off of the original tree my Grandmother made.
Home skies - final
While there wasn’t much Christmas snow, there were some great sunrises, sunsets, and clouds – and if you are a regular reader of my blog, you know I love sky shots.
For New Year’s Eve the Hubs and I cooked up some crab legs. Oh they were tasty! The only problem was we should have bought more 🙂
reports - final
I just had my 5th Extension anniversary, and went up for promotion. Our annual reports were also due just a week later… What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?
research center - final
One of my favorite things about my job is that no two days are the same. In the last couple of weeks I have seen calves grazing corn stalks and I have received a bag of popcorn from our agronomy department – who else gets these perks at their job? Working at a research center is pretty awesome.
Kansas City - final
The Hubs and I both had Martin Luther King Day off, so we headed to Kansas City (one of our favorite cities to visit) for a long weekend. We enjoyed the sites, the food, the tours, and the relaxation!

Were your last few weeks as insane as mine? I look forward to things slowing down just a bit!


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7 thoughts on “Work, life, and everything in between: A photo update

  1. Glad to get an update, Miss Lindsay! You got to go home for Christmas, yea for you. Looks and sounds like you had a good time. It’s nice to go home for a visit, to be spoiled by Mom and “chew the fat” with Dad. Any time one can spend with a Sister is awesome.

    Crab legs for NYE, sounds fun. We did them on Christmas Eve for a few years. It’s a fun treat.

    Congratulations on the job promotion. I worked for the SDSU Extension Service in a full time temporary position in our County Office. Those end of the year reports can be very time consuming. While at the NE State Fair I picked up a bag of hulless popcorn in the NE made booth. Delicious.

    Sounds like you and the Hubby had a good weekend in KC. We all need to get away with the Hubs and take it easy once in a while.

    1. Hi Robyn – yes spending time with the family over Christmas was great (always good to see their smiling faces too). Crab legs were a fun splurge, and not something we eat regularly. Yes I am glad the reporting is over, and in hindsight I always think the next year I will start sooner – but I have yet to make that actually happen (maybe I can do it this year :)). We did have a fun weekend away, on the radio this morning they were talking about the importance of date nights/days for married couples – and I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Looks like you had some good times! Little less crazy for me, that’s for sure. I mostly stayed around the farm, getting some good rest. You’ve got some nice pictures, but I must say, I just don’t know about crab legs….

    1. Laying low is nice too! This was our first time to cook crab legs ourselves, and it was much easier than I thought. Their legs were more spiny than I anticipated. You should try it sometime!

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