Broth vs Stock – There is a difference!

I recently blogged about my crock-pot chicken, and how I froze the broth. A reader asked if I ever further boiled down the bones and fat. I have not done it for chicken, but as I researched it more, I made a discovery. Those of you that already knew this are probably going to chuckle…

But I learned that broth is what I make – the juices that the chicken is cooked in, seasonings, and vegetables. However, stock is from the bones, vegetables, and some meat – furthered boiled down! Stock offers a much richer, bolder taste that really enhances recipes like chicken or beef noodle soup! Additionally, there are several reported benefits to drinking it by itself if you are ill or not feeling well, as it contains numerous nutritional advantages.

In doing more research online, it can be a little confusing as people tend to use these words interchangeably, and their definitions vary a little. This website and this one do a great job of further explaining the difference.

I found a few recipes and guidelines if you are interested in making your own.

Chicken stock recipe here and here.

Beef stock recipe here and here.

You can also make turkey, fish, or vegetable stocks.

I love the rich color of the stock! This has inspired me to take my bones to the next level and to make some stock!

Chicken stock. Photo source: Elana’s pantry.
Beef stock. Photo Source: Simply Recipes.

Have you ever made stock? Do you notice a big flavor difference between stock and broth?


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