Some words are harder to write than others…

Have you noticed that when you need to write something hard, very important, or something that will challenge you, you delay doing it? I certainly do. I would rather do the dishes, vacuum, nearly ANYTHING other than what I need to be doing. Procrastination? Perhaps… But I think sometimes we don’t know where to begin, there is no end in mind, there is nothing but a bunch of random thoughts that will need to be written down, sorted, pondered, and refined. And that is a lot of work!

Today I am on my way to Amarillo and Canyon, TX – home of my alma matter, West Texas A&M University. I am so very excited to see old friends and professors, I am excited to see all of the changes that have happened on campus, and I am excited to just get away for a few days. While there is a lot of excitement around this trip, it will be bitter sweet. We/I lost a dear friend from Brazil in an automobile accident last month. So this reunion will be a celebration of his life. We will be compiling a scrapbook of photos, memories, stories, letters, etc. that will be sent to his family. We hope it will be helpful with their healing process, and to have a better understanding of how much he was loved at WT.

20140313-081704.jpg Filo and I!

The letter… How do you write a letter to a family that tragically lost a son? I don’t know… and I guess that is ok. It will come from the heart, it will be honest and raw. I hope that my words and the pictures I have gathered will be a testament to the person my friend Filogomes Alves de Carvalho Neto was – daring, carefree, smart, funny, caring, courageous, plus an awesome cook, a hard worker, and a dedicated friend.

20140313-083255.jpg Brazilian cooking – never a bad meal!

What are the hardest words you have had to write?