Do you know where your food comes from?…Take the quiz

Recently on one of my social media platforms I was thanking farmers and ranchers for raising/growing our food in these cold and snowy conditions – because it is not easy. An non-agricultural person told me that we should only raise food in moderate climates, where weather conditions were not as severe and hard on livestock. While that may seem like an ideal situation, it is unrealistic, as in those climates there are also large populations, extreme temperatures (heat and humidity), and unpredictable weather events (i.e. hurricanes, drought, etc.).

The Washington Post has put up a fun interactive map where you can see and guess if you know where food is raised in the U.S. Find that map here. I think these maps do a great job illustrating that our food has to come from all over. Certain agricultural products do best if raised in certain climates. One climate cannot grow or support all of these foods.

I got an 11 of 12, the last one threw me for a loop. How did you do? Was it easy or hard?


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