Record rainfall accross the country shatters May records

May was the wettest month in recorded history for many locations across the U.S.

In Lincoln, Nebraska (the capital city), we received a total of 10.90 inches of rain just in May 2015. That broke the record held from 1903 of 10.72 inches of rain.

storm in field
A storm is brewing…

As storms continue to cross the country, we may be able to break the record for the wettest year, which was in 1951 with an annual total of 42.17 inches of rain (precipitation data has been measured since 1887).

Around the country, Oklahoma reported a total of 14.40 inches of rain just in May, shattering the previous record of 10.75 inches measured in October 1941. Texas reported a statewide average of 8.81 inches in May, again shattering the previous record of 6.66 inches measured in June 2004.

Other cities that have set rainfall records include Oklahoma City (OK), Dallas (TX), Fort Smith (AR), Baton Rouge (LA), Wichita (KS), and Colorado Springs (CO). Read more about those rainfall records here.

storm on road- final
Driving into the unknown…


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10 things I once knew about Texas but kinda forgot…

I just spent three days in the Texas Panhandle (Amarillo/Canyon) for a friend’s Celebration of Life. I moved to Canyon in August 2001 to start a Master’s degree and stayed for eight years, working on a career as a lifetime student…

I have now lived in Nebraska for over four years, and don’t get back to Texas often. But this weekend I remembered things unique to Texas that I had forgotten about or placed in the back of my mind.

My top 10 list of things I once knew about Texas:
1. Sweet tea and/or Dr. Pepper are the unofficial state drinks.
2. Texas pride is everywhere; whether it is the state flag, huge lone star decor, the text of “Texas”, or any combination of those three things.
3. Big hair, bright make-up, and big jewelry are normal and expected!
4. The wind blows… A LOT! Not an exaggeration, last night we received weather warnings of a terrible dust storm (it was sandblast quality).
5. Access roads are awesome! I had never been introduced to these until I moved to Texas, but since they run parallel to Interstates it makes them great for local travel and exercise opportunities.
6. Texans can dance! I don’t mean twerking, I am talking about swing, two-step, etc.
7. Smoking is still allowed in most cities and in most bars…
8. Steak is common and fairly inexpensive. On most menus this weekend it was just $2-3 more than a chicken entree!
9. There are not many trees or windbreaks; which is nice for the views that extend for miles.
10. Honey, sweetie, and ma’am are common terms of acknowdgement/respect.

While Texans have larger than life personalities, they are also fun, generous, and caring people.


What are things you once may have known about Texas but forgot over the years?