A little Sochi for your home… Fun Fact Friday

As the Winter Olympics get underway, it only seems this blog post should be about Sochi. The USA received its first gold in snow boarding!

If you are an adventurous cook or eater, some of these recipes may interest you. Not all of them will be unfamiliar, there are crepes, beef stroganoff, and well, vodka! Some of them do look tasty, and I think I will give them a chance in our house.

The Olympic torch traveled 40,300 miles – the longest to date! It also took a “space walk” on the International Space Station! Read more fun, and not so fun facts here.

While the Sochi Olympics have received their fair share of bad press, the Olympics are still an amazing display of athleticism, dedication, and hard work. I am excited about so many new events this year! What are your favorite events?