Agriculture and Food: The dynamic duo

My colleague, Alice Henneman, a Food, Nutrition, and Health focused Educator and I started brainstorming several months ago how to combine both of our interests: agriculture and food.

In my mind it is hard to separate agriculture from food. Without agriculture there is no food (period). But obviously not everyone thinks like I do. Food doesn’t just show up in grocery stores, on plates at restaurants, or in bags as we drive away from fast food joints.  We want food, but we need to want agriculture too! So to better understand the relationship and dynamics of agriculture and food we bring you a NEW website Agriculture and Food!

Alice has been instrumental in the success of the UNL Foods webpage, so she has been holding my hand during this process, since I do not naturally speak HTML codes and website lingo 🙂 But it is getting easier as the weeks go by.

Agriculture and Food website

Our mission: The agriculture and Food webpages are designed to help consumers understand where food comes from, how it is grown or raised, practices in place to ensure it is safe, environmental influences, and more.

We have several pages of various resources, and will continue to add to it as this project grows.

Agriculture and Food – the home page.
Meat Preparation and Safety – good tips for the upcoming holiday weekend (and the other 362 days of the year too).
Ag Links – looking for more information about an agricultural product? This page has it all.
Social Media – other UNL folks we think provide cool content that fits our mission.
Ag in Your Life – we are currently working on content for this page (big topics will be coming soon :)).

P.S. – we made all of our photo headers in PicMonkey – what do you think? (We are budget conscious, so Free-ninty-nine or close to works for us).

Meanwhile, please check out our website and let us know what you think. What are we missing? What can be elaborated on more? What do you want to know more about? We would love to know what you think!


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