National Ag Agents: Highlight of the annual conference… Throwback Thursday

I am a member of the National Association of County Agricultural Agents (NACAA) – the professional membership organization for persons in Extension. Next week I head to South Dakota for the 100th annual conference… It’s kind of a big deal 🙂

As I put final touches on my presentation, prepare last minute details for the events and committees I am helping with, and pack for a variety of events such as the pre-conference animal science tour, learning sessions, and more, I was reflecting on the past four conferences I have attended.

This throwback Thursday I will share some of my highlights from the past four years.

NACAA 2011-2014 - high quality
Kansas (2011): My sister and I on the pre-conference animal science tour; South Carolina (2012): enjoyed learning so much about the state and the culture; Pennsylvania (2013): standing in front of my Extension poster; and Alabama (2014): selfie with band Alabama (eekkk)!


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4 thoughts on “National Ag Agents: Highlight of the annual conference… Throwback Thursday

    1. Thanks! I am talking about tips and techniques for pulling off a large group, multi-day tour.

  1. Safe travels and good luck with your presentation, Lindsay! Hope you have a great conference and enjoy your time at SDSU.

    SDSU has changed a lot since I graduated in 2003. J and I visited in 2008 or 9 and there were many changes. Since then SDSU went D1 and more building and has happend.

    1. Thanks! We start our pre-conference tour in Rapid City and head east ending in Sioux Falls. Looking forward to seeing the site and people of South Dakota!

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