Record rainfall accross the country shatters May records

May was the wettest month in recorded history for many locations across the U.S.

In Lincoln, Nebraska (the capital city), we received a total of 10.90 inches of rain just in May 2015. That broke the record held from 1903 of 10.72 inches of rain.

storm in field
A storm is brewing…

As storms continue to cross the country, we may be able to break the record for the wettest year, which was in 1951 with an annual total of 42.17 inches of rain (precipitation data has been measured since 1887).

Around the country, Oklahoma reported a total of 14.40 inches of rain just in May, shattering the previous record of 10.75 inches measured in October 1941. Texas reported a statewide average of 8.81 inches in May, again shattering the previous record of 6.66 inches measured in June 2004.

Other cities that have set rainfall records include Oklahoma City (OK), Dallas (TX), Fort Smith (AR), Baton Rouge (LA), Wichita (KS), and Colorado Springs (CO). Read more about those rainfall records here.

storm on road- final
Driving into the unknown…


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2 thoughts on “Record rainfall accross the country shatters May records

  1. Lindsay,

    J and I were in NE last Thursday-yesterday. Things look really good traveling through the sandhills to south central NE. We went from Valentine, Thedford, Broken Bow to Hazard. There are a few pastures that are pretty short, but I’m guessing they were used to calve on. The green and healthy sandhills are gorgeous.

    I call Hazard the “foothills” of the sandhills and it looks great too. Unfortunately many have hay down and it got it rained on.

    I noticed many wild prairie flowers in Mom and Dad’s place that I had never seen at home before.

    We have not set any rain fall records in north western South Dakota, but had a wet May.

    1. I bet the Sandhills are gorgeous right now, they are usually pretty anyway. Yea lots of hay has been rained on. I have also been hearing reports of first cuttings not happening yet because of no breaks in rain to get it down. Certainly will make for an interesting summer if it continues with this pattern. Glad you have gotten some rain too!

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