Happy birthday to my favorite rancher!

Today is my Dad’s birthday! Woo hoo. Growing up birthdays were fun. You woke up to gifts on the table, my Mom made our favorite meal and dessert, and the entire family came over for dinner. Love that tradition. Distance makes it hard to do that, but the one tradition we continue is calling each other on birthdays and singing Happy Birthday. Mind you, none of us (with the exception of maybe my Mom) has a singing voice. So then it turns into an agonizing comedy act of how terrible it can be sung šŸ™‚

Happy Birthday Dad!

Top: My parents, Center: Dad and I, Bottom: a man, his dog, and his backhoe.


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One thought on “Happy birthday to my favorite rancher!

  1. Birthdays are special and should be celebrated to the max! Hope your Dad had a great day, Lindsay.

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