Just How Safe Is Your Organic Food?

Is organic food safer, healthier, or more nutritious than conventionally produced food? Research indicates there are no significant differences. Rhonda at Iowa Meets Maui does a very nice job of discussing this issue.

Iowa Meets Maui

Organic food is all the rage right now, and the practices used in organic growing are worthy of our attention.  All farmers need to be supported and encouraged no matter what growing methods they use on their farm.  However, consumers have been told by groups like Only Organic that foods grown under USDA Organic guidelines are healthier, tastier, and safer.

Are ‘organic’ foods healthier?  No.

CNN.com posted an article by Aaron Carroll, a professor of pediatrics.  He did a great breakdown of several large studies conducted.  The bottom line was that, “there’s a lack of evidence that organic foods are significantly more nutritious than conventionally grown food.”  There are minor differences between both growing methods, some in favor of organic, some in favor of conventional, but all differences were small.  BOTH are healthy and humans should be eating far more vegetables than are currently consumed.

Are ‘organic’…

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