Cowboy Conversations… Throwback Thursday

As National Ag Week continues (also posted here and here), I wanted to share an oldie but goodie. My sister and I are the 4th generation on our family ranch which has been in our family for about 100 years. Below is a picture of my Grandpa (aka Pop) on the right and his brother, my great uncle (aka Bob) on the left (both have since passed). This was taken after working cattle, and they were washing down the dust with a Budweiser and a Pepsi, respectively. I have so many great memories of ranch work with my family, including moments with both of these guys.

Pop and Bob
Cowboy conversations


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2 thoughts on “Cowboy Conversations… Throwback Thursday

  1. Lindsay,
    J and I are the 4th generation on this ranch. It’s an honor to be able to carry on a family tradition and way of life on the same land as J’s parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

    Sister and I are the 5th generation to be involved in prodution ag on my Mom’s side of the house. One of Mom’s cousin’s has gotten into geneology and says that our ancestors have been farmers for as long as there is documented history on our family.

    The ole saying that ag roots run deep is true!

    1. Robyn – ag roots do run deep. What a great legacy for your family! My sister and I have spent some time working on the genealogy on my Dad’s side, but need to spend a little more time closing a gap that exists. Have you done a blog post on the history? Then we need to work on my Mom’s side. I plan to when we get all of the pieces connected 🙂

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