Sundog…Wordless Wednesday

This cold morning on my commute to work, I saw a Sundog. It made my day as I do not think I have ever seen one in person before…

sundog driving
I could start to see it as I headed East…
sundog final
The Sundog!


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8 thoughts on “Sundog…Wordless Wednesday

  1. Lindsay, you saw two sundogs. Each side counts and sometimes there is just one; when I turned east this morning only the one of the left showed. Didn’t take long for the second to come and then there was a stream of light out of the sun’s top. Galen was looking at it when I came into the break room. He didn’t remember that he’d seen the stream out of the sun either. He talked to his mom; she said it predicts precipitation but didn’t remember the time frame on when it would come. Just what I remembered from my dad’s weather predictions (falls under the “what I wish I’d remembered to ask; or at least remembered” memories.

    Another one he had was 90 days after heavy fog we’d get precip; according to my predictions we can expect precip around January 23 and the third or fourth week of March . . . you know you’re getting older when you start thinking like your dad! Thanks for sharing your pictures. Kay

    1. Kay – great information! I did not realize each side counted as a separate one! Dang, I missed the one coming from the sun. That is neat they are tied to precipitation (we need all we can get!).

      I have head the 90 days after fog guidelines before and I have also head that the date of the first snow storm will indicate there are that many more snows left in the season (so if it snows on the 7th of the month, there will be seven more snow events).

      Weather is so interesting!

  2. I’ve not gotten a photo of sundogs, so that’s something to aspire to. Thanks for sharing – beautiful!

    1. Hi Kim,
      I have no doubts you will see one someday! Or even this winter yet if it stays this cold.

    1. Hi Lauren,

      It was pretty cool! Glad I was running a little late to work, or I may have missed it 🙂

  3. I came to check out your blog from the Christmas in the country link.
    Beautiful sun dog! An old timer hooterite says when you see a sun dog, the weather will change in 3 days. We get a lot of sun dogs here. They are pretty and yeah, the weather changes.

    1. Hi Cheri,
      Thanks for stopping by! As of now the weather is supposed to change for the better in 3 days! I will gladly take it. Have a good night.

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