This a humorous, yet realistic post on the fact that farmers/ranchers have many skills needed to do their daily jobs. It makes me chuckle to think what a business card created by my Dad, a rancher, would look like… would he include things like animal nutritionist, livestock reproduction guru, animal care expert, or fencing, building, and equipment repair specialist?

Farmers don’t really have business cards.  The fact is that farmers grow up, work their entire lives, and die in the same small communities where everyone knows them and there are absolutely no need for business cards.  Still, the rest of the world understands business cards as a way of telling someone new who you are and what you do.

IF farmers had business cards, here are a few I think they would trade …
farmer business cards 1Every successful farmer is a pro at marketing and economics.  Think about it – farms are one of the very few industries that don’t get the privilege of charging whatever they want or need for their products.  If the price goes up to plant corn, farmers can not pass that cost onto their consumers!  So they become exceptional at marketing and watching for market signals.  If they aren’t good at marketing and economics, they aren’t…

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