Happy October…Wordless Wednesday

I put the link of my blog into tagxedo.com and it generated this awesome little word cloud using commonly used words from my blog.

Happy October to you!

ag wordle - tagxedo——————————————–

– Website (http://food.unl.edu/ag-and-food)
– Twitter/Instagram (agwithdrlindsay)
– Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/agwithdrlindsay)
– Pinterest (Lindsay Chichester-Medahunsi)


7 thoughts on “Happy October…Wordless Wednesday

    1. It is very cool. They have lots of designs and color combinations to pick from, and you can eliminate some words from it that don’t apply (i.e. transition words) too! Good luck.

      1. Great! Yes, on the left under options, go to word/layout options, then click on skip. You can click on words you want to eliminate. Have fun!

  1. Neat..

    Ann K. Bruntz
    Senior Development Director
    Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources
    University of Nebraska Foundation
    1010 Lincoln Mall, Suite 300
    Lincoln, NE 68508
    Toll Free: (800) 432-3216
    Cell – 402-366-6608

    Unlimited Possibilities, Limited Time at campaignfornebraska.org

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