My friend and colleague Brandy just summed up nicely our experience at the AgChat Conference last week. If you are in agriculture how do you like to share your story? If you are not in agriculture where do you get your information and are there topics you need more information on?

Views from VanDeWalle

Last week I had the opportunity to present at the AgChat Foundation Conference held in Austin, Texas. Along with 3 other colleagues, we shared with the other 140 people in attendance on how UNL Extension is able to reach a large audience through collaboration and reaching beyond our own areas of expertise and programming. Through the use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, blogs and websites, we reached nearly 3 million people!

Extension educators, Lindsay Chichester, Alice Henneman, Jenny Rees and myself shared some tips on how to manage social media so it doesn’t become burdensome on one’s time, but rather enhance or create personal relationships and networking opportunities. For those unaware of AgChat, the mission is “empowering farmers & ranchers to connect communities through social media platforms”. The AgChat Foundation is a non-profit organization designed to empower farmers and ranchers to leverage…

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