A day in the life of an Extension Educator

Yesterday was a busy, fun, productive day; and one that is fairly common for me in the summer months. I was able to get a few “office” things done in the morning. At the 2014 Nebraska State Fair the Nebraska Agriculture Experience will debut, which will be a year round exhibit featuring many aspects of agriculture. Yesterday I was interviewed as an “expert” and provided facts on antibiotic and growth hormone use in beef animals, meat labels, heat stress in cattle, and more! It will be interesting to see myself on camera in August šŸ™‚ We also hosted the International Society of Health and Safety conference group, where participants learned more about how agricultural accidents can happen (so they are better prepared to handle these injuries in rural communities) and what we can do to prevent them. And finally, we were blessed with cooler temperatures and beautiful skies.


What does a normal day look like in your life right now?


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