Shout out to my Dad

Father’s Day, a time to celebrate our Dads. I was blessed with a good one. My parents had two daughters. With no sons you can bet we were some of the toughest most versatile girls around. We can hunt, fish, and skin a dead animal; drive a manual vehicle, operate tractors, backhoes, and skid steers; we can work harder and longer than most men, and eat, drink, and cuss with the best of them! My Dad won’t win awards for being sensitive or empathetic, and I inherited those traits from him. 🙂 Also from my Dad I inherited a strong work ethic, a desire to make things better than you found them, a loyalty to good friends and family, a willingness to help others, and an appreciation to have a good time when the occasion calls for it. So cheers to my Dad, Les!

Dad by his tractor
My Dad and one of his restoration projects.
Cutting wood
Having fun while cutting wood in the mountains to heat the house in the winter.
PhD graduation day! A running joke in my family when people asked my Dad what I was going to be when I graduated…he would say old! (in his defense, I was doing a pretty good job at the lifetime student thing). 🙂
wedding day
On my wedding day. My friend added the quote – which is perfect.

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