Even ranchers have birthdays!

Today is my Dad’s birthday – Happy Birthday Dad!

Ranchers and farmers usually don’t celebrate holidays or special days like other people. There is no sleeping in or no calling in sick to have a personal day. Animals are relying on ranchers and farmers to feed, water, and care for them regardless if it is Christmas morning, Easter Sunday, or your birthday.

My Dad posing for a picture in a tractor at a Christmas party.

So in celebration of my Dad’s birthday I want to share 7 valuable lessons I learned from him over the years (there are many others, these are just the ones that stuck out this morning).
1. “I can’t” is not an acceptable phrase. I can do anything I want if I put my mind to it – with hard work, determination, and grit.
2. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Yes, there are some times things suck and your situation sucks, but it will pass and you will be ok – and you will come out stronger in the end.
3. There is more than one way to skin a cat. Just because people do things differently than you it doesn’t mean it is bad. Everyone approaches things differently, and if one way isn’t working, then find another way to do it.
4. Don’t let others run over you. You have thoughts and experiences that make your suggestions and skills valuable, share those with people for the greater good. Sometimes you may have to use a few unorthodox ways to get those messages across.
5. Be a role model. My Dad was a great role model (my Mom is too) for not only my sister and I, but also for several young men over the years who wanted to learn about ranch work and ranch life, “man things”, and other skills like vehicle and equipment maintenance, welding, fixing things, etc.
6. Girls can do just about everything boys can. Even though my parents had girls, my sister and I are pretty tough girls. We learned how to hunt, fish, camp, drive all the large equipment, the value of hard work, the joy in new life, plus we can cook and sew!
7. Work hard, play hard. Have fun! Life is to short to be serious all of the time. Value those relationships with family and friends.

A selfie – me, my sister, and our Dad!



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