February is Lamb Lovers Month!

I just received an email from the American Lamb Board saying that February is Lamb Lovers Month!

Lamb lovers

No doubt many of the meat industry groups will share similar sentiments in the coming weeks. But seriously, nothing says love like the sizzle of meat!

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you know I love to eat lamb! So I will profess my love for it. You can too!

To state your love for lamb and have a chance to win prizes, you will need to write a love letter! Three winners will be chosen weekly throughout February to win a prize package, which includes fresh lamb for a home cooked romantic meal.

So whether your love for lamb is in the early courting stages, or you have many years of love under your belt, send your letter in today confessing your love of lamb!


4 thoughts on “February is Lamb Lovers Month!

  1. I thought every month was lamb lovers month. Lots of garlic and red wine. You can’t beat it. Have loved it all my life. Fresh homegrown is the best. Nothing better.

    1. Yes, every month is lamb lovers month! Yum, and good call on the garlic and red wine. I submitted my lamb love letter, did you?

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