Art and Appetite

The Art Institute of Chicago is hosting a current exhibit called Art and Appetite: American Painting, Culture, and Cuisine (Nov. 12, 2013-January 27, 2014). It features depictions of food in art and passions of culinary delights.

A fun aspect of this exhibit is the Online Cookbook – featuring recipes from the same periods as the art (18th – 20th centuries). Don’t miss out on your chance to get recipes for Sheep’s Tongue Pie, Potted Pigeons,  Jellied Chicken Loaf, Succotash, Tomato Soup Cake, or Baltimore Egg Nogg! There are also many recipes from some of Chicago’s top chefs.

If you plan to be in Chicago during this time, this exhibit looks like a cool one to check out. What could be better than a combination of art, appetite, and agriculture?! If you can’t see the exhibit in person, check out the exhibit online, or at least the recipes – they won’t disappoint!

Image For Sunday’s Dinner, William Michael Harnett, 1888.


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