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Hello –

I would like to welcome you to my new blog: Agri-Cultural with Dr. Lindsay. This will be a place I will provide resources and information about the agricultural and livestock industry. It will be fun, but also include some science and research. (You will be learning without even knowing it!) I will cover everything from the live animals and production practices to current issues, labeling, and of course the tasty goodness of animal products! I would love to hear from you on questions you may have or topics you need more information on. Until then, I declare Fridays on my blog to be Fun Fact Friday; and since today is Friday, you just happen to be in luck…


3 thoughts on “Jumping in…

  1. Hi Dr. Lindsay! I read a blurb on Facebook on 11/7/13 about arsenic in chicken feed and the FDA…..also about the chicken litter being fed to cattle and possibly being transmitted to humans through consumption of beef and chicken. I’m wondering if the source was accurate or if the situation was blown out of proportion. My philosophy has always been moderation and am hoping, if this is true, that the arsenic levels are super low. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! MJB

    1. HI Mary Jane, great question. Look me research this more and check with some industry experts. I will blog an answer to your question soon! Thanks for your interest đŸ™‚

  2. Hi Lindsey……thanks for your quick response….it’s nice to personally know an EXPERT in the ag field that will be objective! MJ

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